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With our accurate & realistic AI simulation, you can be assured of the most suitable procedure tailored for you.
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Our Specialty Breast Procedures Can Help With:
Underdeveloped Breasts
Certain Breast Asymmetries
Breast Deflation Following Significant Weight Loss
Breast Deflation Following Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Why Choose Us?
SW1 is dedicated to providing safe and reliable procedures for all patients. With 3D imaging for precise visualisation, patients can be assured of accurate results. Call now to find out more.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Pre-operative 3D Vectra Imaging

Motiva JOY Implants Provider

High-volume Breast Augmentation Clinic

Specialised Team in Breast Augmentation Surgery
Dr Tan Ying Chien
  • MBBS
  • MMed (Surgery)
  • MRCS (Edinburgh)
  • FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Dr Tan has trained and practiced in Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan over the past two decades. Dr Tan has developed a keen eye for beauty and technical skills in all types of breast augmentation surgery. Each patient procedure is carefully tailored to enhance their figure with beautiful and natural-looking.
Dr Chia Hui Ling
  • MBBS
  • MMed (Surgery)
  • MRCS (Edinburgh)
  • FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
Dr Chia’s experience in breast surgery spans across the UK, Singapore, and South Korea. Her expertise is evident through the multiple industry awards she has received. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Chia is carefully attuned to the needs and concerns that women have regarding their breast.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will you be able to simulate how the end result will look like?
Yes! With our modern 3D Vectra imaging equipment, not only can we digitally create with great accuracy how the end result will look like, we can also use it to refine our treatment plan (adjust the type and volume of implants) until we arrive at an ideal outcome that both parties are satisfied with.
Where and how long will the scar be?
What is the recovery process like?
When will my breasts settle into their final position?
What aftercare services will the clinic provide?
How much does a breast augmentation cost at the clinic?
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SW1 Plastic Surgery is a one-stop breast augmentation clinic that provides a range of solutions for your breast augmentation procedure.


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